Automated wall brackets for concealed installation

The wall series, as the name implies, allows the screen to be installed and concealed inside a wall.

Exploiting areas that are usually unusable, it allows you not to sacrifice walls by having to use them as TV stations.

This offers several practical and aesthetic advantages to architects and designers in the design of spaces.

With a specific installation, it can also be used to move sections of furniture, such as a built-in pull-out column.


Automated directional wall brackets

Also available in a directional version.

Its rotation system allows you to see the screen from different angles of the room, guaranteeing an optimal view.

Rotation customizable, for more information ask to our technical department.

Mechanical Features

  • Internal round profile guides with pillow sliders that guarantee maximum gripping.
  • Movement on parallel axes transmitted by 12 / 24V DC gear motors.
  • Stroke adjustment with microswitches.
  • With limit switches of run for safety.
  • Support brackets for TV screens designed for all models equipped with VESA connection.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Logic control with customizable operating software that can be interfaced with the main home automation systems.
  • Equipped with safety device to avoid overloads and polarity reversals
  • Control by buttons or by 2-channel radio control.
  • Pre-wired clean contacts for button integration.
  • Wiring housed in flexible sheath.
  • Optional electronic safety sensor.