As suggested by its name, this series includes the TV lifts with basic up and down movement for the retractable installation of the screens.

Our Up and Down mechanisms are the ideal product to maximize the space, as they reveal the screen when needed and they conceal it when not in use.

Over the years, the frame and thickness of TV screens have reduced considerably, and all the periodic restyling of our tv lifts have followed this trend.

UP-DOWN SERIES in 2019 reached its fifth version, the 5G version, the thinnest TV lifts ever but with the same solidity and guarantee.

We offer a standard product for screens from 32 ” to 60 ” and a Custom model for TVs over 65 ”.

Mechanical Features

  • Internal round profile guides with pillow sliders that guarantee maximum gripping.
  • Vertical movement on parallel axes transmitted by 12 / 24V DC gear motors.
  • Stroke adjustment with microswitches.
  • With limit switches of run for safety.
  • Support brackets for TV screens designed for all models equipped with VESA connection.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Logic control with customizable operating software that can be interfaced with the main home automation systems. Equipped with safety device to avoid overloads and polarity reversals
  • Control by buttons or by 2-channel radio control.
  • Pre-wired clean contacts for button integration.
  • Wiring housed in flexible sheath.
  • Optional electronic safety sensor.