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Big Yo-Yo

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Motorized tv lifts for concealed installation.

The Sea & Symphony TV lifts are our special product through which the TV can be installed directly inside the cabinet or other furnishing components and remain hidden when not in use.



Sea & Symphony products: an ally of design

Thanks to our MECHANISMS, architects and designers will finally be free to design without the limits of the classic conception of the tv station.

They are the ideal product to combine practical and aesthetic needs.

A strategic advantage for large and prestigious environments, but also for smaller ones where enhancing the space is of fundamental importance.



Systems that change the way of conceiving tv

With a simple command, you will be able to decide when the TV, hidden inside the cabinet, will have to reveal itself.

All our electric TV lifts are equipped with electronics able to interact with the main electrical and home automation systems and can be easily integrated with the automation of domestic environments.



Not only tv lifts

Our lifts can be used for the concealed installation of various other objects. In the kitchen, for example, they can lift trays, appliances, windows, wall cabinets, and whatever else you wish to move.

The motorized lifts therefore prove to be an excellent ally also for different contexts than just the TV station.

Choose Sea & Symphony motorized lifts

and you will have functionality, design, technology, safety and quality in one product!