Horizontal and vertical sliding systems


The Sea & Symphony range of sliding systems includes a variety of products designed for different types of use: They can move TVs, doors, pictures, drawers, columns, tops, panels and much more.

The two main lines are:

Wall Series

Panel Series

Wall Series: automated wall brackets for concealed installation

The Wall Series, as suggested by its name, makes it possible to install retractable screens on the wall by exploiting areas that are usually unusable, and it enables you not to give up walls by having them used as TV stations. In other words, it is a practical and aesthetic advantage for architects and designers in designing spaces.

This movement system is widely used on boats. Here, in fact, by using the perimeter walls, it is possible to gain space in a context in which exploiting every inch is essential. In addition, the concealed installation allows you not to give up the breath-taking view beyond the windows.

With a specific installation, it can also be used to move sections of furniture such as, for example, a built-in pull-out column.


Panel Series: automated sliding systems

Our Panel systems, on the other hand, allow the horizontal/vertical, single or multiple movement of doors, pictures, mirrors and panels.

Installed on the doors of a TV cabinet, they reveal the screen only at the moment of use, proving to be the ideal solution for order and elegance lovers. The sliding panels can be operated through a button or through a convenient remote control that allows a silent opening and closing but with a strong scenic effect.

Applied to a painting or a canvas, they can be an excellent solution to hide even safes, appliances and, in general other compartments.




All the Sea & Symphony sliding systems are totally customizable and suitable to each customer needs.