Our sliding top systems are conceived to give versatility to a simple kitchen top… By covering the stove and the sink, they become a useful countertop where you can prepare and enjoy meals.

The possibility of hiding the hob is not only a design solution with a high scenic impact, but it also guarantees safety and protection, making it inaccessible to unskilled hands.

This system provides two types of movement, one that runs on the short side of the top and the other that runs on the long side.

The structure is available in aluminium and steel.

Mechanical Features

  • Internal round profile guides with pillow sliders that guarantee maximum gripping.
  • Horizontal movement on parallel axes transmitted by 12 / 24V DC gear motors.
  • Stroke adjustment with microswitches.
  • With limit switches of run for safety.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Logic control with customizable operating software that can be interfaced with the main home automation systems.
  • Equipped with safety device to avoid overloads and polarity reversals
  • Control by buttons or by 2-channel radio control.
  • Pre-wired clean contacts for button integration.
  • Wiring housed in flexible sheath.
  • Optional electronic safety sensor.