Besides the TV screen, the Sea & Symphony kitchen lifts can be used to electrically move many other objects.

This series is suitable for many applications in the kitchen. For example, to move a booth that separates the cooking area from the dining room, or a pass-through that connects them when they are on different levels.

The uses can vary according to customer needs, from appliances to the tray of a bar cabinet…

See the page of our catalogue below dedicated to kitchen systems to discover all the products of the Kitchen Series.

Mechanical Features

  • Internal round profile guides with pillow sliders that guarantee maximum gripping.
  • Vertical movement on parallel axes transmitted by 12 / 24V DC gear motors.
  • Stroke adjustment with microswitches.
  • With limit switches of run for safety.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Logic control with customizable operating software that can be interfaced with the main home automation systems. Equipped with safety device to avoid overloads and polarity reversals
  • Control by buttons or by 2-channel radio control.
  • Pre-wired clean contacts for button integration.
  • Wiring housed in flexible sheath.
  • Optional electronic safety sensor.