For ceiling

For table



Ceiling and table flip systems

This series of mechanisms allows you to install the TV inside the ceiling or a table/floor/structure offering the possibility not to sacrifice other walls as a TV station.

Thanks to the retractable installation, the flip systems also give the advantage to watch TV only during its effective vision, and makes it possible to fully enjoy the space immediately after.

Flip tv systems with rotation on Lagoon yachts

More viewing positions with a single screen

In the TS version, with its servo-assisted rotation, they allow the TV to be viewed from different corners of the room. They offer the possibility of creating more viewing positions with a single device.

Practical, functional and design

Thanks to these features, the flip systems represent a real strategic opportunity for small and large settings. In small contexts the allow you to make the most of space by gaining a wall that would otherwise be used for the TV station. In large and prestigious spaces, they perfectly integrate with the most refined furniture, creating an impressive visual impact.

BS ID SERIES…the new conception of our flip mechanisms

This line was born from the constant dialogue with our customers and from the desire to offer them an even more performing product.

The BS ID are equipped with a cover box that is an integral part of the mechanism, a structural and finishing element that merges and develops around the mechanics with the aim of making the installation even easier and faster.

The result is a movement system that is more essential in its composition and compact in its dimensions.

The realization of the cover panel, implying an aesthetic and design choice, is usually a customer/installer ‘s responsibility, but, if desired, it is possible to request it in a specific chromatic finishing.

Flip tv systems installed at ceiling of ponant cruise ship



Customizable for all needs

The range of our flip systems includes several solutions tailored to meet the requirements of each customer.

For example, when the ceiling is particularly high, it may be necessary to have an additional excursion that brings the screen to a suitable height, in order to offer an optimal vision.