Automatic systems for contract

In such a refined and demanding market as the luxury market, which always requires special and custom-made solutions, the tailoring that distinguishes Sea & Symphony makes our products the best choice to meet every customer expectation.

Our systems are practical, functional and with a high scenic impact. They are able, together with the creativity of architects and designers, to translate the desires of the most demanding customers into concrete actions.

Nautical Furniture

The nautical sector is where Sea & Symphony took its first steps. Over the years, the range of products dedicated to the furnishing of boats, yachts and cruise ships has remained the core business of the company.

The nautical furniture sector is very complex. Being tailor made it’s subject to last-minute changes and characterized by tight deadlines with the risk of penalties for delays. It requires a careful and punctual management of the order.

In order to carry out the project entrusted to him by the client, the contractor needs to rely on efficient and reliable suppliers.

Sea & Symphony boasts a twenty-year collaboration with many of the most renowned shipyards on the market, thanks to the quality of its products and the attention and commitment of its technicians and designers.

Hotel Contract

Hospitality is undoubtedly a sector that is increasingly approaching Contract. The realization or renovation of hospitality structures is an area in which custom furnishings find ample space.

The setting up of common areas and rooms in a hotel requires particular care and attention.

In a context, such as that of the hotel, where functionality and design are of fundamental importance, our mechanisms prove to be the ideal product.

Thanks to the installation of our systems it will be possible to optimize the spaces of the rooms without renouncing to a visual result with a refined and harmonious impact.

Residential Contract

Over the years, Sea & Symphony has consolidated its presence in the world of architecture and civil/domestic furniture, dedicating to this sector a wide range of movement systems that are perfectly suited to be included in the projects of architects and designers dedicated to villas, luxury homes and exclusive residential complexes.

Our products are designed to bring together practical and functional needs with the aesthetic requirements of design. They represent a strategic opportunity of high scenic impact for large and prestigious environments, but also and especially for smaller ones where making the most of space is of paramount importance.

Moreover, all our systems are equipped with electronics capable of interacting with the main electrical and home automation systems, and they integrate perfectly with the increasing automation of domestic environments.

Corporate Contract

The realization, renovation and furnishing of offices and companies, especially with regard to common areas such as meeting rooms and reception areas, is increasingly often the subject of contract management.

Handling systems for offices and meeting rooms

There are several Sea & Symphony products that are suitable to be installed in this kind of context. Our range includes compact TV lifts for meeting room tables, video projectors for meeting rooms and auditoriums and many other customizable solutions to make offices a more functional and design-oriented environment.

Public/Institutional Contract

Handling systems for congress halls and classrooms

Our systems are often used and inserted in public and institutional spaces such as universities, congress halls of embassies and consulates and representative residences.

A quality furniture can make the difference and our products are designed to create a pleasant but functional environment.

We collaborate with contract companies and their qualified architects and designers to meet precise aesthetic and technical requirements.

On the strength of our long experience in craftsmanship, we pay the utmost attention to finishes and design customized solutions to meet any type of need.