About Us

Sea & Symphony was founded in 1995 in Turin and it represents the follow-up of an experience started by its founder in the audio-video sectors since the early eighties.

First, S & S introduced a very useful, smart and functional product to the yachting market: the low dispersed magnetic flux speaker.

Although it was a type of speaker used in audio-video systems, which were beginning to spread in common use, nobody before, not even the Ship Registers, had considered the influence that this object, endowed by its nature with a magnet, could have in the restricted area of a boat, and in particular of its fundamental element of piloting: the compass.

The idea of this usage, however not patentable, was so appreciated and recognized for its validity, that the copies were not long in spreading.

However, the privilege and honor of being the first remained.

The PHANTOM line, mechanisms dedicated to the concealed installation of monitors and plasma TVs, was introduced two years later with the construction of the first mechanism that allowed a flat TV to rotate and disappear into a false ceiling.

The range of PHANTOM products since its inception has had a continuous development and today has more than one hundred different models only for the installation of concealed televisions, monitors and video projectors and it’s only a small part of what has become the production of servomechanisms S & S PHANTOM.

The slogan Sea & Symphony moves your wishes, summarizes our modus operandi.

It could be added that the S&S mechanisms never break.

The archive of S&S Technical Office contains a few thousand projects, as well as many thousands of mechanisms are produced and distributed worldwide.

Good ideas, which are lifeblood, are sometimes copied, but nobody has been able yet to match S & S which the market keeps on recognizing the leadership to, there is probably a reason.